How to play PS1 games on android

For 23 years PlayStation have been known as the most interesting gaming console in the world. The latest version offer more awesome experience with amazing graphic performances. But do you still remember the first PS game? Those days guys used to spend time on Metal Slug, Crash, Tekken series or even Medal of Honor. If you actually want to try any of those games this time around, just read this article.

Nowadays, devices known as smartphones are designed with amazing graphics and hardware, which makes them good for intensive tasks. Have you ever thought of using your own for PS gaming?

Here, I will show you how to play any PS1 game using your android phone. It is not difficult and does not require any rooting before you can start.

Install PS1 Free Emulator

In order to play PS1 games on your android phone, you need to install an emulator on the device. This emulator comes in various names, but the only recommended one is ePSXe. It has the paid type which is very stable and works without lag. You can download it by checking any PlayStation ROM download site on Google.
You can even see a preview of it below.

ePSXe emulator for android

Install WinRAR or Zarchiver
Any of those 2 apps will certainly enable you to extract game files, which are inform of BIOS. You can even get it from your device PlayStore.
See how it looks like in the image below.

Zarchiver android app

Download PS1 BIOS
The BIOS will enable you to emulate that game. Without it, you will only be seeing a black program open on your device. You can search for it on any top download page and get a nice copy. But mind you, not all perform well. If you just search according to the heading of this particular text, you will find good ones.
When you must have seen a better one, download, extract with the zip extractor I recommended, and then place the BIOS in a comfortable folder, that is, where you can easily open it up.

PS1 BIOS download

Download PS1 Games Free
At this stage, you have to go back to the website where you obtained those BIOS, search for some ROMS, download and move to the folder where you previously left those BIOS. Remember, there are many ROMs available online. Make sure you select the appropriate one you desire depending on the game genre.

download PS1 games

Lastly, if you have the BIOS and games in place, open the emulator, select run BIOS and then run game. It will first prompt you to select the appropriate folder before it starts running them.
When you might have gone through few games, you can come back here and tell me in comment section, if it is very interested to play those PS1 games on android.

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