How to play SNES Games on PC

Have you ever seen a friend playing cool airplane game in his house using an old Nintendo on their computer? When you look for the game on steam network, you don’t see it or anything similar to the other he was playing.
What your friend was dong is called emulation. It is traditional means of playing some common games made for another platform, on a different device. It actually comes in different installs depending on the actual one which the player wants to go with.
Today, I will be focusing on how to play SNES on PC using the recommended emulator.
Nowadays, two apps are basically required in order to play old school games on computer. They are; ROM and emulator.

  • A ROM is the ripped copy of the game or disk, which can be transferred to any memory disk or stored in the memory of a gadget.
  • An emulator is an app that allows you play a ripped copy of given console game without having the actual console available.

SNES Emulator

Now, you might be asking where you can really get emulators. Mainly they are programmed by fans. Sometimes, a particular fan just makes it as a paid app or as an open source for the entire gaming community. In most cases, they are shared for free on different websites, so that interested players can download and really have nice fun.
Since this article is based on the best SNES emulator, one actually needs to identify the right one before he/she jumps into downloading. You can simply do a fast search on Google in order to see available ones. Then unpack using winrar and install.
It should ask for installation folder, which must be assigned, since it might create a core game folder in that one. That will be where you have to place your ROMs.
Even, you can access that folder from the emulator, select the ROM and play.

What is the best SNES Emulator so far?

From the beginning of last year till now, I don’t think there is more than one emulator that can play SNES, if not SNES9X. It is regarded as the only one which is capable to imitate the functionality of the console itself, and allow players to uniquely have more enjoyment on their computer with no actual restriction. In fact, it has more underlining benefit such that, if you cannot afford the original console, you can just get an old or new computer, install the emulator and play easily.
You can even plug in your USB PC game-pad, configure it from the emulator menu and play too.

According to all necessary details which I have written here, I think I have solve the real problem of anyone that is looking for how to play SNES games on PC. So, you should go on and try what I said, or move to a better means. Still, a normal computer game beats all old school console games.

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